For those of you still living under an e-rock, Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook, which has developed into THE social media platform of choice for millions and millions of voters.  As such, a number of candidates are opting to use Facebook for their official campaign website.


My friend Jameson Campaigne, a longtime conservative strategist, explains why in this warning…

This is why any and all social media sites should NOT be relied on as a substitute for your own email-created, Internet home page.

Facebook, et al, own your names and can deny access to them any time they wish, even if you are a paying customer.  I, too, have heard numerous complaints about this “censorship”.

The only safe way to build a web presence is via email (with double opt-in “membership”) prospecting and then sending out value-laden regular emails. 

Prospecting does cost money, but the resulting “house file” can usually be monetized to recoup those costs by donations and product sales, and advertising.

Facebook, et al, can be used to prospect, but it should direct people to your own web site.

Needless to say, losing access to “your people” during a political campaign of any sort means you lose.  There are too many leftist activists in place at Internet “choke points” and many of them are self-righteous “loner terrorists” who have no qualms about messing with us, even if their employer’s policy is otherwise.

Your campaign website is the sun.  All the various social media outlets should be planets circling around in cyber-space directing people back to your individually-controlled website.  Anything else is simply asking for trouble