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Affordable, Professional VIRTUAL Campaign Consulting Program

Suppose you’re a candidate running for office.

And suppose a campaign-related problem or question comes up and you want to call and talk it over with me.

And suppose that not only does your call go through, but I actually answer this “hot line” myself so you never have to go through a secretary, receptionist or “gate-keeper.”

And suppose that when you make this call, I drop whatever I’m doing and focus my complete, total, undivided attention on solving whatever campaign-related question or problem you’re having.

Now suppose this isn’t just an academic exercise, but a reality…because it is.

Or could be….if you qualify

Here’s what it’s all about…

I’m sure you’ve learned through your Campaign Hot Tips and Psephology Today newsletter subscriptions a ton of ways to get more votes, raise more money and recruit more volunteers.

In fact, I even have a number of professional campaign consultants and managers who subscribe, including direct mail expert Jim Bieber, who recently sent this note:

“When I open my Campaign Doctor newsletter, my immediate reaction is a smile.  This isn’t some painful thing to read/learn.  I wish I had school books like this when I was in school.  I would have paid attention.”

You can always learn something new.  Or at least be reminded of something you’d forgotten.

Anyway, whether it’s at the end of a “live” training seminar or in emails from subscribers, I’m asked on a regular basis how much I’d charge to consult directly with them on their campaigns.  So…

My starting retainer is $5,000 a month…which, of course, is WAY out of reach for many candidates, especially beginners.

Which inevitably leads to this question: “Hey, Chuck…if you want to see more conservative candidates get elected, why do you charge such a high fee instead of working with more candidates?”

Fair question…and the answer is simple

I only want to work with real players who will actually do something with the advice I give them.

The old saying is, “If they don’t pay, they don’t pay attention.”

Over the years I’ve found this to be absolutely true.

Seriously, I can’t tell you how many times in the past that I’ve written an op/ed, a fundraising letter or press release for candidates who refused to put them out because they were afraid of being a little provocative and maybe making someone mad at them.

I’ve had candidates, over and over again, ask me to take hard-hitting “money lines” out of their press statements only to (a) have me talk them into keeping those gems in the release, and (b) seeing the lines they wanted to take out end up being the lines used in the story!

After 20 years in the “biz,” when it comes to political communications, this ain’t exactly my first rodeo.  I know what the media wants…and I give it to them.  And if you really want press coverage, you need to do the same thing.

In any event, I’ve found the only way to be sure my clients use the advice I give them is to make them pay a high price for it.  Because if I charged $25 an hour I’d be swamped with calls from timid souls who, though they pay a nominal amount for the advice, never do anything with it.

Which makes it a colossal waste of my time; time I could better use other projects…or with my kids!  And as you well know, time is our most precious (and non-renewable) resource.

So here’s the dilemma:

If I stand firm on my consulting fees, that limits my availability to promising new candidates just starting out who are willing to actually do something with the advice I give but who can’t yet afford my regular full-time retainer.

Or I could lower my fees, making me available to serious candidates just starting out…but also to the legions of timid souls, hopeless rose-colored optimists, crackpots and time-vampires who listen but never implement.

Neither option is good for me…or you.

So the question is: How do I set the consulting fees high enough to weed out the time wasters and wannabe’s, while making one-one-one consulting affordable so that even beginners with a limited budget can easily justify the investment?

And then I remembered how a duo of marketing “gurus” fixed this problem in their own business way back in 1994 when I was a subscriber to their newsletter.

“What if we offered unlimited consulting for a single, up-front fee?” the Antin brothers asked themselves almost 20 years ago.  “The fee would be high enough to eliminate the non-players but low enough – especially with unlimited access to us – to bring the cost per hour down to mere peanuts.”

Bingo!  Thus…

Virtual Consulting

I believe my Virtual Consulting program will be absolutely irresistible to the right kind of candidate (maybe you) for whom it has been specifically designed.

As a Virtual Consulting client, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Unlimited campaign consulting by phone and/or email with me
  • When you want help with your fundraising…call me!
  • When you need help with voter ID…call me!
  • When you need help developing a more compelling “stump” speech…call me!
  • When you need help writing a press release, fundraising letter or blog post…call me!
  • When you get slammed with an attack by your opponent and want to know how to respond…call me!
  • Want to add some extra punch to that press release…I’ll tell you how!
  • Want to know how to appeal to donors outside your district…I’ll tell you how!
  • Want to know how to recruit more volunteers, what to have them do and how to do it…I’ll tell you how!
  • Want to know how to effectively use testimonials and endorsements…I’ll tell you how!
  • Unlimited critiques of your campaign website/webpages, voter contact mail or fundraising letters.
  • Any campaign messaging or communications questions or problems…call me! And you’ll never get a bill.
  • Plus…a FREE subscription to my monthly Winning 101 course-in-the-mailbox newsletters (a $348 value)
  • A special discount on all Campaign Doctor products, seminars and events.

How much would THAT be worth to you and your campaign?

Indeed, with access privileges and benefits like these you probably think it’s gonna cost an arm and a leg, right?

Not.  So keep reading…

The problem is that this Virtual Consulting program is such a Win/Win for both parties that too many candidates want in on it.

And since I only have a limited amount of time to devote to the program, I have to severely limit the number of people allowed to participate in it.

Indeed, while many campaign consultants will accept just about anyone, I won’t.  You do have to qualify to become a Virtual Consulting client…and it takes more than writing a check.

What’s the Cost?

I’ll go over the rules in a minute, but since I’m sure you’re anxious to find out what it costs, I’ll tell you…

At $2,500.00/month…this would be a steal.

At $1,000.00/month…this would be highway robbery.

But if you’re accepted into this program as a virtual client, your monthly investment will only be…

$495 per month!


In order to make sure you get the time and attention you deserve, I’m strictly limiting the number of virtual clients to twelve at a time.  Which is why you have to qualify to be accepted into this program.

Now…how do you qualify?

It’s actually rather easy.  And I think you’ll find every condition I put on this Virtual Consulting program to be reasonable and necessary for it to work for all of us.

  • You have to act fast. I’m dead serious about limiting the program to only 10 candidates.  If the group is too large, we all suffer.
  • You have to promise you’re not spending the grocery or mortgage money to join. Sure, this is a great value…but it’s not something you should go into hock for.
  • You have to promise to subscribe to and READ the Campaign Hot Tips, Fundraising Hot Tips and Psephology Today newsletters to assure that you have at least a minimal understanding of my marketing, fundraising and communications techniques, strategies and philosophies. I don’t want to waste time on the phone teaching basic concepts that have already been explained in the newsletters and Special Reports you’ll receive in the mail.
  • Although I do want you to call anytime and every time you have a legitimate campaign problem or question, you can’t just call for to “shoot the sh*t.” Neither of us has time for idle chit-chat.
  • While I’ll review, critique and make suggestions on things you’ve written for campaign flyers, mailers, ads, press releases, blog posts, web pages, etc., I won’t write copy for you. I only do that for full consulting clients.

That said, I WILL frequently give you actual quotes, headlines and talking points to incorporate in your communications.  These will usually be sent to you via email after our conversations.

Of course, if down the road you become a full consulting client, I’ll do all of the creative work for you.  But that’s a different subject for a different day.


Is the Virtual Consulting Program right for you?

Maybe.  Maybe not.  Here are a few things to think about before you call…

  • Are you the kind of candidate who wants to play it safe, do it the way it’s always been done and not think outside the box? If so, this program isn’t for you.
  • Do you need to get permission from your campaign committee or manager before making a move? If so, this program isn’t for you.  Because I only deal directly with candidates; not their staffs.
  • And finally, can you accept honest, constructive criticism that isn’t sugar-coated? If you can, great.  Because I’m gonna give it to you straight.  If you’re thin-skinned, neither of us is going to enjoy the relationship, so the program isn’t for you.

And lastly, like with everything else I do and sell…I’ll stand behind my Virtual Consulting program with an unusual guarantee so that you RISK NOTHING.

If you’re accepted and enroll in the program, I’ll schedule an initial 30-minute phone consultation about your campaign…after which I’ll ask if you think you got more than your money’s worth.

If you answer “YES” (as I’m sure you will), great. We’ll continue our relationship.

But if you aren’t absolutely, 100% sure this program is for you, just say so and I’ll immediately refund your initial first-month investment…and that first consultation will be on me.

Fair enough?

And just in case you aren’t completely convinced I can and will do what I say I can and will do, here’s what the candidate of the most challenging campaign I ever worked on had to say…

“Before I met Chuck, my campaign for the state legislature was stalled.  With his help, our team then launched “Campaign Impossible” – and went from zero to 120 in a matter of days.  Chuck is a master at messaging and strategy and one of the most talented communications professionals I’ve ever worked with. 

“If you’re serious about putting out a great winning message for your campaign, your issue or your business, I highly, HIGHLY recommend bringing him into your organization.” Assemblyman Dennis Hof

What made Mr. Hof’s campaign so challenging was the fact that he was a world-famous BROTHEL OWNER (it’s legal in Nevada) and self-described “pimp”…who ran as a REPUBLICAN…who died three weeks before the general election…

And still won!

Some more…

  • “Chuck provided some amazingly effective ‘prescriptions’ during our consulting calls and in emails for my long-shot primary campaign. He was always encouraging and never let me give up.  Thankfully, I heeded Chuck’s advice and ultimately won!” – Assemblywoman Jill Dickman
  • “In 36 years of politics and races ranging from governors, senators and national committees to PACs and presidential campaigns, I’ve learned one thing – there are few people I’ve been able to count on. Over and over again, Chuck has consistently delivered on his promises. I would recruit Chuck first for any project I become involved in going forward. He is the real deal unlike 1,000’s of pretenders.” – Gregg Phillips, American Solutions PAC
  • “I am grateful to Chuck for his sound advice, his un-compromising loyalty, his political knowledge and judgment, his strategic thinking and his never-ending willingness to roll up his sleeves to get the job done. Chuck is a vital asset to any organization or individual that has the good fortune to work with him.” – John Phillip Sousa IV, Stars & Stripes Forever PAC
  • “Chuck is one of the most talented and prolific writers I’ve ever worked with. He is a 1%-er when it comes to wit, facts and effective, targeted resonance.  If my kids wanted to grow up to become famous wordsmiths, I would send them to study with Chuck.  If my campaign needed to beat the hell out of our opponent’s messaging, I’d hire Chuck in a heartbeat.” – Chris Burgard, Little Bonanza Productions
  • “I’ve known Chuck Muth for over a decade. He has always given great insight and advice on what it takes to be a good candidate. The Campaign Doctor is an appropriate title for Chuck. He can identify what ails your campaign and he will always give you the right prescription to fix the problem.”Congressional candidate Gary Bernstein

That’s what you get when you get Chuck Muth.

Yes, you should give this opportunity serious thought.  But you can’t procrastinate either.  Because I only take on 12 Virtual Consulting clients from around the country at a time…and the slots fill very quickly.

The decision is yours.  Choose wisely, Grasshopper!

Yours in victory,

Dr. Chuck Muth, PsD
Professor of Psephology (homeschooled)

P.S. If you think my Virtual Consulting program might be right for you, shoot an email to chuck@campaigndoctor.com and we’ll set up a time to discuss it further and see if it makes sense for you and your campaign.